How Can I Open This Aiff Sound File On Windows?

For a project i’ve inherited…

http://localhost/tmp/ (389 KB)

I can open the AIFF with Sound Studio on OSX and Winamp or Quicktime on a PC.

However, Audacity on OSX doesn’t want to open this file. Every sound editor i’ve tried on a PC (Goldwave, Cooledit, Audacity) fails miserably. I’ve sent the file to my friends and they can’t open it in their editors of choice either.

Can anyone tell me how I can EDIT this file on a PC, preferably with the “Markers” intact?

PS: I have removed sound the file from my web host.

sound forge is my fave editor. you may also just need to install updated aiff codecs on your system.

Can you try it out for me and tell me what you did to get it to work?

sure, but i need the file first

Hi, I tried both with Cool Edit Pro and Wavelab 4 but couldn’t open the file.

The actual file is seemingly 22Khz mono.

However Winamp plays it back fine, so I recorded the wave output into Wavelab4, and then top-and-tailed (trimmed) the sample down to start/finish at the exact beginning and end of the audio waveform.…menudim_wav.rar - 1.94MB WinRar file.

(Incidently, the sample was re-recorded digitally at 44.1KHz mono, so it is a considerably larger file-size. - I then zipped it using WinRar [it’s a lot better than WinZip for compressing audio files], but if you have trouble unzipping it let me know and I’ll upload the uncompressed/unzipped version).


The AIF file is originally a 4-Bit sample! That’s why it doesn’t load properly in the modern wave-editors, and why the file-size was huge when I re-recorded it.

Did ya get that, Connor?