How Can I Use Audio Velocity To Midi Cc Vst Effects?

Does anyone knows how to use vst effects that can produce midi cc according to the velocity of the audio signal?
i’ve tried effects like “auto midi cc” and “gatefish”. In gatefish i could see that the plugin changes its output value but i don’t know to which midi device the cc values are routed. i set the default midi device in windows but still no success. is it possible to use these plugins with renoise?

thanks for your replies…

You can use the velocity device in Renoise to control any CC parameter of the MIDI CC device but if you really want to have a random CC message generated, this is a different piece of cake.
As far as i can see what GateFish supposed to do, it also applies velocity measures to a CC parameter. Though the way that plugin works is not supported by Renoise. But if that is what you want, then just combine the Velocity Device with the MIDI CC device, they will work out the same.

thanks for your answer.
but it’s not quite correct. gatefish uses the velocity of the entire audio signal to generate cc messages.
the renoise velocity device responds only on velocity values in the volume or effect column. so if i have a large sample, the velocity device triggers only once at the beginning and gatefish triggers continously according to the signal level…
and that’s what i want, not just random cc messages but a midi-cc-peak-meter…

The velocity device also responds to the velocity valued supplied by your midi synth, not just the volume or effect column.
But i understand what you desire.
This audio-feed related is not supported yet. If you can’t connect the GateFish to a specific midi-channel, the plugin will be pretty useless in Renoise.
AFAICS, the plugin tries to feed an instrument on the track itself, while VST effects and VST instruments in renoise are fully separated in control. Only the MIDICC, Automate Device and some specific instrument linking devices can be used in that matter.

have you tried a midi loopback like midi-yoke?

midi-yoke is not vista compatible but i’ve installed maple midi.
but as long as it is not possible to specify to which midi device the plugin should send the cc messages i can’t get it working…