How Can People Navigate Through That?!

I used to complain about the way roads are layed out in places like Portland Oregon, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas, but recently Google maps…&hl=en&ie=UTF-8 has started adding a number of places in Europe, and I’ve been looking at London with absolute awe at how anyone could find anything there! Oh my god! I have never seen such a rat’s-nest, twisted spaghetti of a layout of roads–for a moment I thought it might have been a joke or something, but unfortunately, it’s for real.

Things that I noticed that are just insane:

One road name, several segments of roads all over the place in every which direction.

Streets that can’t even keep their names for more than 1-2 city blocks–and change names 6 times. Hmm, blocks–does that even apply to places that are metric?

When it seems like there’s a familiar-looking grid, it’s cut-off from all the rest of the roads so there’s only one road into a big curved grid, and one road out.

Intersections with more than 5 roads! 6 road intersections that 4 roads get cut off at.

There are maybe 6 roads total that go in an actual straight line for more than a kilometer.

Almost every road except the “main” roads, end abruptly.

I’ve never seen anything so crazy. How do people navigate through that?! It looks crazy!!!

i dunno if the film “killing zoe” was in london but i imagine they drive the same as in the movie. which looked really messed up!
i dont think they have traffic lanes like in america, and i belive its pretty much a free for all when it comes to city driving. i imagine why european cars you see in films are always so small, so they can drive like maniacs and not get a scratch.
i think it would probably be a thrill for someone in america to go over there an try to drive, i would…

that map makes it look like there was no planning what so ever, just a bunch of trails that they decided to pave and build buildings around. from the films ive watched i would definetly like to visit, everything seems so full of culture. not like it is here in america where everything is designed by an anal retentive f u c k e r and went before a board of even more anal retentive assholes, and then paid a bunch of lazy drunk f u c k e r s to build it. and then raise the taxes because the lazy drunk f u c k e r s used the wrong cement.

ah now that i remember the film Killing Zoe was in paris not london but imagine its not that much different.

btw the roads all intersecting like that really makes it look like capilaries.


You forgot about the magic roundabouts…

That’s just f**kin’ insane!

If the roads were like that here, we’d have a much better public transportation system too! :) :) :)