How Do I Add Beats To Guitar Track?


I’ve successfully been able to record a guitar track in the sample editor, and I want to be able to add beats (I used the metronome). So I guess my question is, how do I transfer my recorded track into the Pattern Editor so I can put some beats to it - or can I even transfer to Pattern Editor…what should I be doing next?

Many thanks.
p.s. I’ve only been using this program for about 2 weeks, so I am very much a beginner.

Make sure the upper frame is showing
Select/highlight recorded sample in the instrument box (top right)

Click/focus on pattern editor
Hit record button (i believe its the escape button, unless you’ve customized it)
Click on track
Enter “Z”
Hit spacebar to play

There’s is a whole lot I’m skipping on. It helps to have the Renoise Tutorial Wiki on while getting to know Renoise. Afterall, instant gratification only comes from knowledge of how things work.

I noticed that this is your first post, so welcome to the board and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask, but I strongly suggest to check out the tutorial or do a search. There’s a whole lot of Q & A’s in the forums here.

Hi there 00.1

Indeed I’ve gone through a lot of the tutorials and still unable to figure this out. Is it possible to transfer recorded guitar sample into pattern editor?


You can insert long samples into a pattern, but the sample has to be triggered to play.
If your sample spans across multiple patterns and you want to preview patterns where the sample is not being triggered you can use two options to solve this situation within Renoise:

  1. You cut up the sample in smaller pieces so each piece spans one full pattern
  2. You retrigger the sample each other pattern using the 09xx offset command allowing you to start the sample from a different position.

To figure out the offset that you want to use you can go to the sample editor, click the point that you need and watch the lower right corner of the sample editor for the proper 09xx value:

Currently there is no form of synchronisation support for large samples to keep them synced across various patterns.
There is an opportunity that includes third party software where you are allowed to do this.

One of the applications that work reasonably well with Renoise is being described here:…sed-to-renoise/


Each of my tracks take up less than one full pattern. How do I arrange them and sync them with beats in pattern editor? There doesn’t seem to be much in tutorials about making your own samples, integrating them into pattern editor.

Many thanks!

i’m guessing you’ve successfully made some beats using samples (recordings) of drum sounds…

treat the recordings of your guitar just like the drum samples you used to make beats. all you’re doing is triggering samples (recordings) in the pattern editor when you compose. some samples may be very short, some may be longer. cut the guitar samples up in the sample editor, fool around and experiment. try any way you can think of, approaching the tracker with an open mind. cut up the guitar recordings in several different ways and see what results you get. go read the tutorials again. then try recording some more guitar and fooling about with the newly created samples.

using a tracker can be disorienting at first if you’re used to other methods. keep at it, at some point things will start to make more sense. reading the tutorials and forums will help a whole lot. fooling around and listening to the results of different approaches and techniques -experimentation- will provide actual experience.

How many beats does it say on your guitar sample ?

Did you record the guitar with a specific time signature ?
What tempo and speed did you record the guitar track ?

Turn on the metronome (Using the quote key [`]), let one pattern roll and count the clicks before the pattern ends. This is your beat guidance. If you can record your guitar play on that beat, then it is very easy to snap on it in the sample editor and cut your guitar samples up to a more proportional size.
Just try a few of the beatslicing tutorials on this page:
These also apply to other sample types, they just demonstrate how to cut up your sample to matching blocks that fit (part of) a pattern.

Thanks guys, I’m slowly beginning to get the hang of it. Two more questions:

  1. When I record a sample, sometimes when I play it back it plays at a much faster tempo than what I recorded it at…any reason why this is?
  2. When I record a sample, it’s in mono (eg. only one line in sample editor), any way to record it in stereo?

Many thanks…really appreciate all the help.


This is how trackers change note pitch. By changing sample speed. You have to play C-4 or (Z key) to get it in right pitch. (Also make sure your “octave” setting is at default.)

On the top right corner of sample record window are buttons L, R, L+R. These mean, Left, Right, Left + Right. Select the last option and you will record in stereo.