How Do I Avoid The Volume Increasing Loads When I Add Fx?


i currently trying to make some noise/drone music and i keep finding that everything just becomes way too loud when i add extra fx like;
a vst reverb, the scream filter, distortion etc

is there a way i can stop it from getting so loud and clipping?

and any other basic tips you can give me in regard to keeping the sounds from sounding muddy? eg easy EQing tips or anything?


there’s a thing called “limiter”

lots of effects have either built-in amplifiers or amplification-sliders or some other form of amplification or gaining or whatever. also, stuff just sounds louder because there are more frequencies in it. so, you could choose to put a limiter at the end and limit the max sound level. or you could put a gainer at the end to pull down the volume. or you could pull down the volume slider. or you could adjust the volume/gain/etc sliders for each effect. or you could try a filter to remove some of the highs which make it sound harder and more harsh.

In addition to what rhowaldt said, you could try increasing the track headroom (in the song properties tab). That should take care of the clipping in a lot of circumstances.