How Do I Connect My Roland Fp-5 To Renoise

Hi. I’m looking to connect my Roland FP-5 to send and receive MIDI to/from Renoise.

Any tips?

I have an M-Audio USB to MIDI cable.

The reason I want to send to Renoise is that I can (theoretically) play soft-syths using my keyboard.

And the reason I want to send data to the keyboard is that I can write piano peices to be played by the keyboard.

I also need a decent USB interface that I can connect the audio outputs of the keyboard to so that I can record the audio to to my compy. I like those Digidesign ones even though they are mad pricey. Even though it’s a little off topic, anyone know of any good alternatives?


Connecting one device to Midi out and midi in at the same time is tricky. (Midi loopback danger)
If you can prevent the device from sending notes back to Renoise that it receives from (e.g. by changing the Midi channel to receive from Renoise from the midi channel to send to Renoise), you might be able to pull it off.

Good point. I didn’t even think about that situation. But I suppose if I set my ins and outs to 2 different channels I would be fine. Either that or leave the in unplugged from the keyboard most of the time being that I wouldn’t need it unless I was playing something back.

Is there something wrong with the dedicated USB Midi socket on the back of the FP-5?

You just need a USB lead like the one you might use for a printer and you can download drivers here:

The Cakewalk (prev. Edirol) UA25-EX isn’t a bad option for an audio interface while your there…