How Do I Convert A Song To Mp3 Or .wav Once Ive Finsihed My Song?

basically what the title says, How do i convert a song to mp3 or .wav once ive finished my song?

ive been searching around for a good couple days now of a way to actually finish my songs so they can be played on something other than renoise but have had no luck.


the WAV writer is not available in the demo version; once you buy the program, you will be able to download a full version which has also ASIO drivers support.

buy form

Once you’ve bought it (or if you’ve bought it already) then FILE> Render Song to Disk. I’m not sure if I should say this on the Renoise Forum, but there’s nothing to stop you recording the playback of your renoise song into something like audacity… getting good results depends entirely on your hardware though.

You can say that… but…

Buy the progam!!! it will please you!!