How Do I Copy/paste Bits From A Larger Sample Without Losing My Place?

Not a newbie, per se, but I haven’t yet found out how to accomplish this.

Say I load a large sample in to my sample bank. I want to then copy bits of this large sample out in to individual samples, so I select an area of the sample, copy, then select an open slot and paste. When I do this, I have to go back to the large sample. The zoom is reset and I have to navigate back to where I was in the large sample to grab the next bit. It’s frustrating. I wish I could copy out a bit of the sample, rightclick in an open slot and paste without losing focus of the larger sample that I’m currently working with. make sense?

any help appreciated.


Yes this is a bit frustrating indeed.
What you can do with the 2.0 beta is copy and paste between external sample editor and Renoise as long as the external sample editor supports the system clipboard.
It is not the best solution but at least you can keep the external sample editor on the spot where things are and just paste the stuff into Renoise without having to worry about where you were when you left the complete sample.

Edit (As Pysj already remarks):since Beta 3 the focus is kept remain on the current sample, so copy/paste should no longer pose any serious problems.

Thats a missing feature I’m afraid that hopefully will be implanted sooner or later.

If you use windows,then you can copy/paste part from one application to another. So open a sample editor that support windows clipboard, or simply start another instance of Renoise and start copy over the parts from the large sample. When you are finished, just copy them back.

Edit: as vV said :)

Great tips, thanks!

If you use the latest beta (2.0 beta3), then you can make a selection and ‘copy to new sample/instrument’ without losing the focus.