How Do I Create A Bus In Renoise?

i want to send all my individual drums tracks to 1 effect channel??how do you do that??i guess its something to do with the send-device,but how do i set that up to work??


  • Drum Tracks are on 00, 04, 12, and 13
  • Effects For Drums are on S00

Put sends device on 00, 04, 12, and 13 where all of these point to S00
Adjust your effects on S00
Use the mixer to adjust post volume levels

maybe a stupid question,but why is it that drums need to be on 00,04,12 and 13??

why cant they be on 00,01,02,03,04??

just thought i had to ask

It has been an example dude. Drum tracks may be where ever you put them.

ahhh damn i feel stupid now ;)

thanx for your help