How do i create this 80s synth bass sound in renoise

In my short 2 months of using renoise i havent once used a FX command because i always use vsts. I use renoise because it unlocks creativity much faster then other piano roll daws


Sounds pretty close to the first bass in the track nice work. Im trying to replicate the second bass. I think hes using trillian. In the midnights synthwave tutorial hes using a trillian preset that sounds pretty similar. I think id have to add saturation and eq it abit to get close. Has a nice almost rubbery tone on the initial attack thats hard to capture…

I looked into avenger and their synthwave packs all sound sick. Gets quiet expensive tho to buy all of it. Maybe next time they have a sale ill check it out. The more presets the better for me personally. I prefer to be making music then playing with knobs since i only have limited time. Although it can be fun when i have no creative juices left

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You got skills man. You for sure captured a nice tone here and i appreciate you taking the time to assist with synthesis

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thanks bro, feel free to use the patch if you want!

Hehe some endless loop due lack of ideas:


sick bass line

Hehe dunno… But you can have the preset if you want. It’s VPS Avenger 1.84.

dm me the preset because in the future i may purchase avenger

Yeah the automation tab is just waaaay easier and more convenient to use than trying to do the same thing in any of the command columns. Even if I was just trying to fade out the volume on a pure sine wave sample, I’d do it in the automation tab instead of using interpolation in the volume column.

I’ve been using the sample offset command and some of the other commands to mess around with breakbeats lately, but that’s the first time in years I’ve even thought about the command columns.

I remembering reading about one of the earliest synthwave guys using only Synth 1 for all his sounds. You probably already own it, and if you don’t, why not?!?! It’s a classic free VST and will definitely get you all the synthwave sounds that you want. There are probably plenty of free presets out there too. Plus, it’s simple enough to program quickly once you learn the basics, and it sounds good too.

Dude, I saw your video on using the CDP interface in Renoise to create the craziest sounds. I don’t think many people know how capable Renoise can be. Maybe it’s because a lot of the extended possibilities require Tools or other third party downloads. I just use VST’s myself, but I appreciate seeing people push Renoise into wild areas.

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Thanks, bro! I enjoy pushing it as far as I can :slight_smile:

Here is the preset for the bass that I made using VPS Avenger 1.84, for educatonal purposes. I described the approach here. I don’t say that this is the only possible approach, but maybe you get the idea:
Noctural Lame Bass 3.avgr.pdf (89.3 KB)
Remove the “.pdf” after downloading.