How do i embed player in renoise ?

Hello folks,

i would like to embed a track from as my signature and in the song forum. But the only thing i get is some text and none of the options work on this webpage.

I got 3 options:

  1. Everywhere:
  1. Wordpress…&skin_fg=FFFFFF

  1. Myspace

So i tried all 3 options to get a player embedded in my signatur or a topic. But none of them works.

Please enlighten me.


You would normally just use the [media] tag.

For example:  

But the tag itself does nothing special, and we still need to manually add custom filters for all the various sites out there, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.

So at the moment, the forum simply doesn’t know to embed the player.

Ok. I’ve just added [media] tag support for

Use the following code in your signature:  

YOUR DA MAN ! thanks. ersguterjunge <3

Cool ! Thanx ! :rolleyes: