How Do I Find Out The Cc Number Of A Vsti?

i’m trying to use the midi control device to automate a Vsti.
I don’t know how to figure out what the CC number is for the different knobs etc. of the vsti.
how do i find out ?

apologies if this is blatantly obvious. i searched the manual , tutorial and the forum, but couldn’t find an answer.


Why not use the Automation Device?

well , to be honest i don’t know the difference between the two.
in the manual it said the cc device is highly recommended. so i thought i’d try that one.

up untill now i just have used vsti with midi learn, so i just tweake my midi keyboard. and hey presto . .

i just wanted to learn more about the different devices.

So maybe my question could also be :" whats the difference between the Automation Device and the midi control device and in what situation do you use either? "

The Midi Control device has some advantages over the automate device -> some plugins allow to learn MIDI messages for a parameter, so you can then rightclick any specific (group of) parameter(s) in the plugin’s editor that you want to tweak from within the song and then attach a CC message to it -> this way you know which parameter you control and it saves you the hassle from figuring out which parameter is attached to which control inside the plugin (if the parameter names are too cryptic in the parameterlist which plugin-developers often tend to do) and also, you can control parameters that may not even be offered to be controlled by the automate device at all simply because the plugin does not offer the parameter in the list to be controlled…

If the plugin offers MIDI-learn abilities, the Midi Control Device is recommended, but in most cases the Automate device will do just fine as well.

usually the plugin manual has a list of the available CC’s