How Do I Fix A Disconnection Between My Samples And Renoise?

How do I fix a disconnection between my samples and renoise?

While cleaning up my computer I accidentally moved a folder that contains all of my drum samples. When I open up Renoise now, I don’t get any playback from my drum tracks. In moving the folder I think I’ve disconnected the link between my sample folder and Renoise. I’ve tried moving the sample folder back to it’s original position but that didn’t seem work.

Anyone have a suggestion on how I can reconnect my samples? Otherwise I think I’ve lost a bunch of songs :o

I’m using Renoise 1.9.1 on OS X 1.4 if it makes any difference.

You are using some sampler VST? Otherwise renoise should keep the the samples in your XRNS files. So it has nothing to do where you keep your real files.

If you are using VST try opening it and check it’s settings for sample folders.

… and check the little megaphone button next to browser, it should be highlighted.

I’m not using a VST sampler and the little megaphone icon is highlighted.

When I click on a sample in the browser it plays it back for me. But when I hit play in one of my song the samples that are programmed in don’t trigger or playback. I’ve had a look through all of my songs and it only seems to be happening with a few of them.

This wasn’t an issue until I recently started using MIDI mapping, could it have something to do with that?

Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

Renoise saves any samples used in a song along with the song data, so moving the samples to another folder shouldn’t affect anything. If the song is using just native/built-in effect and instruments, it sounds like that volume levels might accidentally have been turned down, due to MIDI mapping, or something like that.

Could you upload the song somewhere, so we could take a look at it?