How do I hide FX DSP Chain Plugins that are open?

Hi, what’s the API call for hiding FX DSP Chain plugins that are visible? I’ve taken to lazily experimenting with adding plugins to instruments instead of tracks, but i’d prefer to be able to close the plugins with a script rather than having to click on them myself. is there a solution for hiding/showing plugins that are in the Instrument FX DSP Chain?

The place I put them into is


and I’d prefer to be able to hide the external interfaces after opening them, with a simple script.

i mean, is this a missing feature? I’m trying to make the same thing happen for FX DSP Chains as Track DSPs…

renoise.tool():add_keybinding{name="Global:Paketti:Hide Track DSP Devices",invoke=function()
  if table.count( >1 then
     for i=2,(table.count( do 

but try as i might looking at the documentation, i can’t seem to find it.[].devices[].is_maximized, _observable
→ [boolean]

i’m not seeing any effect whatsoever of closing the Sample FX DSP Chain Plugins, when using[].devices[].is_maximized=false

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yeah @ffx this “is_maximized” stuff is for minimizing trackdsp plugins or maximizing them. not for showing&hiding the FX Effects DSP Chain plugins.

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