How Do I Install Renoise For Mac?

Sorry if this has been covered, but I can’t find an installer, and can’t figure out how to get it to launch. (I’m a registered user of 1.5, and usually use PC).

I figured maybe I could just copy over my Renoise1.5 folder to a mac hd, put in and launch it, but its giving me an error when trying to load the Icons/HaveSomethingSomethingSomething.bmp file. Then the program just quits. The folder is there, so it’s obviously looking for it somewhere else, but I don’t know where. I don’t understand Macs nearly as well as PC’s.

Any help? Is there a Mac installer? What do I do?

right now there is no installer for renoise / OS-X

actually you only need to unpack the tar.gz archive and start renoise :) either using bash and “tar xvfz archive.tar.gz” or using any other unpack tool like stuffit. (no idea whats available on mac, since i dont own one)

Some ppl said in former threads, that renoise does not start untill you put the extracted bundle into your apps folder.

If by “extracted bundle” you mean, which is the only file in the archive, then I’ve already done that. It won’t launch on its own, so I figured if I put the Renoise1.5 folder from my PC into the Mac’s Applications folder, it might launch. It got a little further, but then came up with the error message:

Failed to load Icons/HaveSomethingSomethingSomething.bmp

And then the program terminates. The file it’s saying it failed to load is definitely there, in the Icons folder. I tried putting the icons folder into a few different locations, like under Library etc. and no go. Not understanding a whole lot about Mac’s, I don’t know where it’s looking for these files. It doesn’t seem to be in the Apps/Renoise1.5 folder, though.

not exactly true. its a bundle. is just a special folder containing all the other files.

@blackis: perhaps you could help here ?

btw. it works for 10.3 and higher only.