How Do I Make A Drum Kit?

or just a kit with my favorite sounds all in one place even though I’m using different VSts?

For future reference, answers to most of your questions can be found in the Renoise Manual(press Help, top of Renoise home page).

I understand, however, that the online version is down so is not as easily accesible. The PDF version is only 9mb and will aid you immensely, otherwise download the html verion, weighing in at 45mb.

What you are looking to do is something I do quite often, it has become a subconscious process…so I don’t know if I can give you a step by step!

Click on a drumkit .xrni such as KIT 909 for an example of the finished product.

You will see names of the samples that make up the kit in the bottom portion of the “instrument box”(there is probably a better term for this).

You would want to open an instrument slot and drag the desired samples into its corresponding sample slots, then open the instrument editor and click on GENERATE DRUM KIT…

If you want to use sounds from vsts you would need to use the render to sample feature or use another application which can perform this function for you, ie another sequencer.

I believe you have to drag the samples from your computer and not Renoise itself, you may be able to copy and paste from an already existing slot in another instrument, however, I am not sure!

Your best bet is download the manual as it has visual representations of what I am talking about, thusly making it easier to follow!!

i thought this would be about how to make a real drum kit (in the physical world), which unfortunately you can not do in renoise yet but hopefully with version 3 we can have a button “render instrument to real world”…

:lol: !!

I’m new to dealing with pc music programs I’m a keyboard guy but I ha to sell them. now I gotta past this pc hump.
I’ve been able to make nice tracks on renoise now I need to figure out the odd stuff that completes my music and enables my normal old work flow.

Apparently this site will sell you a DVD showing you how:

actually i saw that already. it was vaguely tempting but then i realised i would probably never bother to do it, and even if i did they would suck.

thanx guys! :slight_smile:

Ha ha!! No problem, enjoy tracking…I had the same issue as you at one point!!

thanx again tarek.

got around to doing it. and I basically added samples to that bottom section like you said.

now I wondering how to save it. when I saved the songe file as a whole the changes save but is there a way to save the altered let’s say “kit909a” as it’s own and load it up within any song file?

You just need to right-click on the instrument’s name (in the instruments list) and select “Save Instrument As…” in the contextual menu.