How Do I Route Line-in Device To Sample Editor/file?

Jamming along with Renoise using the new Line-In Routing device is pretty awesome. I can play guitar through VST and Native Effects in real time and hear the results but when it comes to saving the output, can it be done?

Conversely, when I try to record in the Sample Editor I can’t hear the output in real time (think about recording while using a delay pedal effect, if I can’t hear it then I can’t do it well). It’s a blind man’s approach. Not as useful as I would have hoped.

I’d like to route my Line-In Device jamming into the Sample Editor, or at least have the option of hearing what I’m recording while it happens, is this possible?

Doh, there’s a button next to the VU meters in the record mode of the Sample Editor that does exactly what I want.


Hmmz, the line-in routing device doesn’t work if you route the trackfx to your sampleeditor for recording.
Though if you have accidentally selected the right input in the sampleeditor for recording, the other trackfx will be applied to the signal.