how do I send two different usb midi controllers to two separate instr

say I have a keyboard and a drumpad controller plugged in to the same computer, same instance of reniose (Akai LPK25 + AKAI MPD218). Currently I have them both plugged in but they are both triggering the same instrument. I want to send them to different renoise instruments. I believe I must send them to different Midi channels, but I dont have an external audiomidi interface. How do I do this?

(sorry for the noobish spoonfeeding questions here, never quite got my head around midi in renoise)

A bit related to this one

And the answer is the same: set the Instrument > MIDI input port, and it will pick up messages from that controller only.

Sorry, I cant find ‘Instrument > MIDI input port’. Where is that?

Ok, is that…select the instrument > click the midi tab > set input device > set channel…

sorry, such a noob with midi