How Do I Use Tools?

Hi, I’ve just installed my first Renoise tool, com.vvoois.MidiManagementConsole_Rns280_V1.1.xrnx, but I have no idea how to actually get to it to use it. I looked in the ‘Tools’ section of the Renoise site, it doesn’t tell you how to access a tool. I looked in this forum - there is no sticky that tells you how you use it. Can we have a simple explanation on the Tools section of the site? I’m pretty experienced with computers, but it isn’t obvious to me, so probably won’t be obvious to many other people.

It can indeed be a bit weird if a tool does not make it clear where you can access it.

In the case of this tool by vV you can check the discussion thread here:

In that thread you can see the following text:

So, you can either right-click in the instrument list to access the tool, or you can assign your own keyboard shortcut.

Thanks Dblue! I thought there would be something in the ‘Tools’ pulldown menu, I thought you’d just double click on it in there.

It is up to the Tool developer how you access and use it so there is no guide which can be written.

It would be nice if every Tool considered completed enough considered completed enough to add to the main Tools page had a Manual or Help page, which could be accessed through the Tools menu and at a minimum would tell you how the tool works/how to access it but nothing like this has been enforced.

I think in best case, every tool has a short description of “where it’s at” in the Tool description part (Tools -> Browse… -> bottom of window)

No requirement you mean i guess… But i notice that the PDF documentation is lacking some essential info. It should ofcourse has been in there that a right-click on any instrument offers the option to start the midi management console.