How Do I Work This "midi Export" Thingy?

I’ve read the Export midi info but I’m la bit lost…

I downloaded the and extracted but left with lots of files I dunno what to do with.

Also downloaded but no little program runs for me. I’m lost…

Any help???

Got a little further now and have copy/pasted the SCRIPT files in the SCRIPT folder in xrns-sf and can now run the exe file.

I select the RENOISE song I want to convery and choose destination. I run it and get the messege “Script execution done” but I don’t have any midi file anywhere…


Sorted! xrns-sf-1.04 wasn’t working for me

1.05 works.

We got lazy… We never got around to it?

Please provide me with a link me to the latest xrns-sf and i’ll package it on Sourceforge with whatever is in CVS.

What was the difference between 1.04 and 1.05 in regards to the xrns2midi script? Can you provide more details? I don’t see how there could be a difference between the two for this particular problem?


Tested it before posting yesterday and it’s working fine. Maybe he extracted the scripts into the wrong folder?