How Do You Create Wobble Bass In Renoise?help

could some of you experienced renoisers share some tips,about how you do make that wobble-bass sound,i guess its something with the lfo

i managed to get something half decent with creating a LFO-device and automating the filter cutoff and parameter automation :D

i really like renoise,i keep discovering new things,and i find myself modulating the individual sounds way more than i used to before i got renoise :yeah:

lol i was just going to answer your post, but you did it yourself.

yup thats all you have to do,…

load your filter and then an lfo device and point it to the filter cutoff.

the rest is about slapping on various effects to get the tone youre after.

Try adding vibrato 0FXX in the command-line (if it’s a sample that is) and maybe also put a lfo-device on the the volume as well as the filter… Also try some resonance on the filter. I got a pretty wobbling sound here with that :)

on-time wobble and off-time wobble.
an example of off-time wobble is ping pong looping a proper sample.
like in this tune:
(some of the drums did come from an oldschool XM module, if anyone recognizes it)

can make the exact bass in this with subsynth:

then put it in renoise and pingpong loop it.

then you can give it a stranger wobble by inserting the backwards and forward effect command in various places to give it more effect.

Do it within the synth.

You only need the LFO if you are working with samples.

thanx will try and check out that synth

nice track,what is it the back and forward commands are(cant remember)


first 0B00 to go backward, then go forward again with 0B01.

you can put the 0B00 on the same line as note, or below it.

0B01 will not do anything unless below 0B00.

i also found “leslie” in the mdaplugs works incredible.
i like more of a light modulated humming,makes it ethereal to me.
works real well with a standard square bass and 808
it’s working in a tune using this one.

Seriously, if you want to make a standard dubstep wobble, here is what you do…

  1. Open a synth with a syncable LFO

  2. Make a flat noise using a saw, or use a preset.

  3. Assign the LFO to the filter cut off.

  4. Stick the filter in Low Pass mode.

Set the LFO to 1/8

Render 64 lines.

Set the LFO to 1/12

Render 64 lines.

Set the LFO to 1/16

Render 64 lines.

Now put all the samples in a new instrument.

Play the new instrument using Z, X and C


It will sound like this…


^ depends on BPM and time signature

expanding on choice’s comment, and doing a wobble entirely in renoise with no sample and no synth:

1- draw a square wave, or other wave of your choice.
2- go into insturment and switch on the LP Moog filter.
3- ping pong the cut off and adjust the length as desired.
4- you could alternatively not ping pong but switch on the filter lfo,… i prefer the ping pong method tho.

et voila, wobbilywobbliy wub wub.

This took me 2 seconds.

Honestly dude, you need to just do it.

i am doing it,hehe been creating wobble bass in renoise for the last couple of days,its great fun

wobblewobble wwrrrraaaaaahrrrr wab wab

thanx for all the nice tricks guys,that really helped me out,now im creating wobble-li-bass all the time :drummer:

ive been having some problems with my wobble-bass lately,its like its too “wet”(it gives a clashy sound)when its wobbleing?

hope you understand what i mean

maybe because your mid frequencies are peaking…?
it can be tempting to let a wobble ‘puke’ ;)

try emphasizing the lower frequencies, or ‘split’ the sound
by making one track to emphasize hi/mid freq and one
track for the low freqs, for more control over your sound

yes i think thats whats wrong,can i put an eq on it to prevent that??

eq is your friend :)

mixer eq works fine for a narrow frequency boost/cut