How Do You Feel About Giving And Receiving Feedback On Songs ?

just wondering a bit… so i made a poll… (lolz)

why is it so hard to get some feedback ? many posts in the song forum have lots of views with only a few comments… or should i/we be glad with what we get in the first place?

personally i feel there’s nothing wrong with mature negative feedback. we all try to get better, so if one has gone so far to listen the song and don’t like it much, then why not write a few words about it ?


ps i’m just as ‘guilty’ so i decided to at least return the favour from now on

If I don’t know you (you’ve been a regular in the forums longer than a few months, we chat in IRC, i hang out with you in person) I probably won’t listen to your track.

There’s just too much music out there to be bothered with.

Of course, I do make exceptions when I have time and something looks interesting.

But for me to invest my time, I have to care about the artist and their development.

I listen to the most of songs people post here, and other forums, then I know what kind of style people tend to create. This helps me when seeking advise on forum’s. The last week or to Ive listen to Juri - Thought It Was Love Ep, I like this alot, I also like the concept of the freeware/freemusic so a lot of time I just listens to myspace artists. Getting feedback can be hard if one is sensitive, but most of the time you are told what you already know, and then it’s just another push in the back to get the work done.

Just go to, post your song there and you will get REAL fedback!!

CTG is for trance.

I chose “Other”: I like giving feedback cause I love hurting peoples feelings. :)

I’m not really online for voting, but in a rare occasion i pick a song to get some impression and give feedback to it.
I try to remain on the technical side, the rest is the sense and emotion of the writer and i can’t advise anything about how to use that.

thanks, most interestingly ^_^

I’m rarely looking at the song forum these days and also visit the Renoise forum in general maybe once a week only. I do remember, when i was new here i’ve found a lot of stuff to discover and participated a lot more active. I’ve also listened to a lot of songs from other people and wrote a lot more feedback.

When i’m posting a new song in the song forum, i’m actually not expecting any feedback, but do it for the sole purpose of spreading the music more, so i’m totally fine with people only checking out my music but not writing anything about it. Let me explain this a bit more… I have regular contact with a small group of people and we’re exchanging songs on MSN/IRC and give each other opinions and thoughts about our music. These are people, whose feedback i value a lot! If someone writes something in the song forum it’s of course nice, but done at a stage where i’ll not touch the finished song anymore.

The Renoise forum in general has gotten pretty uninteresting for me, so i’m mostly active during a beta phase. It’s usually the same topics over and over again and i rarely have something to ask personally. That’s not only a “problem” with the Renoise forum, but also with sites like KVR or other forums.

That’s just my honest personal opinion of course and i think especially new users, maybe even of the Linux version, will find enough interesting topics here.

the harshest comments are always the best IMO. they let you know where you are lacking, plus they should be a push for you to work even harder to next time impress that person.

To be honnest I think I’m not qualified to comment songs here.
I don’t know anything how not mainstream music (which is very popular here) should sound.
From every song I hear I learn something and that’s fine, but I’m in no position to say if it is good or bad :blink:

@Alex; I’m still waiting for that collab for the Respect album :D (You know where to find me)


I don’t write feedbacks usually. But I listen to most of the songs here. The highlights get a “this was great” line but the regular stuff doesnt.

Oh, and breakcore is just played one or two seconds, except these two seconds blow me off.

No feedback is a feedback as well. From my experience I would say, that you only get feedback if the track is really good. No feedback = bad track.


Or just bad promotion or bad timing in publishing or wrong place to ask for feedback…
No feedback is not a guarantee for a bad track, if you post a breakcore song on a classic music forum, chances are big you won’t get feedback either, but would that make the track bad?

True, but then you could ask, what is the ‘typical’ renoise music or style ?
Don’t you ?


Of course it is not a 100% guarantee, but it is just almost always the case at least for me :). Every time I listen to a track with many views but no feedback, it is often a track which I don’t like at all, so I just close the player & the topic, because I cannot judge the music I don’t like.

It’s not breakcore. That’s just the current trend on this forum. Four years ago it was Trance and people were thinking that Trance is the most typical music style for Renoise :)

I just go the same way. Maaaany years ago people here were complaining about bad-voters on the songs page and now some even want harsh comments? :)
I feel it’s pretty demotivating if someone just receives harsh comments on a song.
What’s the aim of giving a comment to a song? If you want to push a musician into another direction, first of all think: Is it your right to do this? If you want to motivate a musician to do seomething better, you need to have a common sense/taste at least in a couple of things (style, mood…).

To me posting solely negative aspects means that you’re actually not interested in advising the musician but more in showing off how smart you are and how many failures you recognized. But well…others might call this attitude “emo” :)

personally i would call that attitude very useful feedback… of course its also nice to mention the positive parts

i really don’t care if someone shows of how knowledgeable they are (when asked for it)… in fact its the kind of feedback i appreciate the most…

still i don’t understand this fear to hurt anyone when someone openly asks to be critical, has nothing to do with politeness imo.

In my case it’s the missing common sense.
…I hope you forgive me commenting in this thread now…
I had a go through dubegg, subway7 and feuer and I found them too unmelodic for my taste. If I did something experimental like this, I’d fiddle around with the pads to create gentle chord progressions and try to play a remindable melody on them. Something like tenfour’s last resort. But your songs don’t sound unprofessional. From what I can judge the elements are well balanced and the tunes can keep up with any other song from similar categories.

i just listen to them to be nice. if i wanted to hear something mind blowing, i’d go to an online store or download some torrents or something.