How Do You Fix Windows Icons When This Happens?

Hi guys…

Anybody know how to fix windows icons when this happens?

Today was spyware/anti-virus full system scan day… I updated/downloaded a virus database file using malwarebytes automatic… and erm… when the program re-installed itself, several of my icons disappeared… Reaper is just one example… If I have to re-install all the software’s where the icons are gone, that is going to be a major project…


I’m not on windows, but if I were, I’d try something like this. Consider me not a qualified expert, though, and use caution taking any advice from me…

Totally radical. Works flawlessly. Thanks so much

Couldn’t you also travel to the program installation folder, right click on the .exe and create a new icon copy, then cut & paste this copy to the desktop. No need to uninstall, re-install programs just to get a desktop icon :D .

Oh… I figured there was a quick windows fix, that I didn’t know how to do. That would have been a lot of cutting an pasting though… plug the start menu and everything… before I made the thread, I tried a function in the tweak now power pack, “rebuild icon cash.” didn’t work… but when I saw that KMaki’s post was about deleting the icon cash from the cmd prompt, I figure it would work… yeah, it did… :slight_smile:

re-installing-- I was half joking. but would have done it, if for no other way