How do you like new forum?

Post your votes, this is first of many polls we’ll have here…
Have fun with new board.

New board is brought to you by Evention and Pulsar who worked for the last few days to convert posts. Good job guys!

Also credits for this go to user Riccardo Bocci for “enlightening” us with this board :slight_smile: Thanks!

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8 point Verdana is yet to meet its match. I love it. :)

Edit: It would appear as if I were unable to vote in the poll. Hmm. For the record, it would’ve been a niner :D.

hey, call me surfing :)

in signature, please put IBF codes and HTML on (:

Love the forum, it’s just like Samplecity which I’ve been on for ages!!!

Don’t like the newbie bit though, I’ve posted loads!!!

Also, shouldn’t registered users (of the program) be stated as being that in the left hand colum?

Apart from that, EXCELLENT!!!

Ooo…um, the Signatures are not working…

Well i voted average because i personally like the other forum it looked like it was part of the webpage because this one looks as if it doesnt belong…maybe ill get used to it. Oh and im running on 56k so its kinda slow. I agree with rob where registered users should me noted on the left hand colum.
and i miss the :yeah: and :guitar: emoticons!

this forum can accept any additional emoticons. we’ll have them back with time (right evention?)

Yes! :yeah: