How Do You Manage Sound Files?


1. anyone would know a free software for managing sound files in a tag-queried library ?

I’d best like to see a feature like this: the application would search for sounds at a specified location, automatically analyze them and suggest tags (lead, vocal, bass, percussion, synth, guitar, loop …) I wouldn’t expect perfect recognition and results, but I believe nowadays algorithms might be capable doing something like that…

You know, didn’t find a way how to conveniently browse sounds stored in the usual directory structure on HD, first various packs store files in differently named categories (folders), seconds many of the sounds could be organized in more that one category. All in all I always spend a lot of time just picking up the right samples.

2. eventually, can you recommend an usual tag queried library, i.e. without a special sound recognition feature ? (Then it should be able to handle not just sound files but files in general)

Thanks for suggestions