How Do You Program/map Drum Controller To Renoise?

Question. I want to get an LPD8, but I want to make sure I can use it for more than just the knobs.
Ive tried the “midi map” with my keyboard, and while I can map it to automation, parameters, etc, I can’t use the keys to trigger samples.


Go to the sample keyzone tab and see if it is triggering any notes when you press a pad.
You may have to change the octave renoise is using for the instrument.

Try having a read of the manual (it’s available on the Akai website); from the description it sounds like you can use its editing software to assign things to the knobs and pads so it’s more than likely the pads can be set to send note information, but I couldn’t be bothered to fill in the form to download the manual myself. :)

Ah. I’ll look into that.
I was just wondering if any one here used a drum controller with there’s.

You probably want to check out the MIDI Input part of “instrument settings” (lower panel).
Here, you can assign notes to a particular instrument (for example, a drumkit made from various samples).

For controlling a specific sound, this is much better than the usual mode which is to trigger whatever sound is selected.

this ^ or you figure out which notes are triggered by each pad by default and map the samples to just those notes.

i’ve mapped my lpd8 from c4 and in semitone steps upwards since that’s what works with most drum kit instruments in renoise. (c4 most often being the kick for example)

Ah. Thanks :)

What danoise said.

Here’s the way I’ve set up my MPD24 to work with Renoise:

In bank A, each pad is mapped to a C4 note on a different midi channel. I then use the instrument settings panel to assign instruments to the pads. This works well for instruments that consist of one sample that is always played at the same pitch, like drum sounds an sampled phrases. (I don’t use channel 1 because I want reserve that for the currently selected instrument)

In bank B and C, the pads are mapped chromatically around C4 on channel 1, for use with the currently selected instrument.

In bank D, the pads are mapped chromatically starting at C0 on channel 16, and have no standard function. I use these for things like track muting, triggering pattern, and enabling/disabling effects.

AH. thank you so much :D