How Do You Variate The Sound Of Your Snares, If At All?

I, like a lot of people here apparently, am using the 09XX (Sample offset) command on my snares. This adds so much dynamic for flams and ghost notes. I also layer my snares and take note of how many lines the sample length is. I’ve been guilty of layering a rimshot and snare and making sure the rimshot sample was two to three times larger than the snare sample, so when I offset the note the rimshot isn’t in the hit. Just a little rundown of some of the stuff I do for snares.

An idea I just had was to utilize the send track. Automate the amount of the send, or the dry/wet on the effects on the send so you can get all sorts of different sounds from your snare.

Also used the 9xx commands to create a better stereo image of mono samples. Though beware and test your output in mono. Phasers and flangers can make your output sound muddy in mono.

If the 09xx command is a sample offset, how does it create a better stereo image? Shouldn’t we use say, 0Axx and add a little bit of width to the sample?

That slow LFO thingy is honestly the best solution. That said, apply humanize about six times on the same track along with a slightly variating combination of snare sounds and see how wonky/funky yer beat will be.

makes me think we need some additional settings for the humanize option? or a humanize script maybe?

I was playing with multiband expansion (gate with ratio 1:x) on snares on lower mid-range recently. Try to use a very-little bit of it to make every second snare different.
If snare contains longer noise above 1kHz you can use multiband transient to slower the attack of high range above 1kHz (the higher frequency, the slower attack) or use spectral delay to delay higest frequencies about 10ms.

mp3 example

i often use this beast and spend time to make “him” “alive” (with randoms/enveloppes/lfo’s/filters/eqs/etc…) and, -->>> render as sample(S!!) (eq with analog mixing desk, In and Out, passing through analog filters/verbs/…) -->> got it… (them! -->> samples!)

ps: —>>> add different “subtile” attacks of some other sounds combined with the “main” sample (layered)

i just use some layering usually, like have my main snare stay the same then have it layered variably with another snare so it still gives it a different sound.

i like to keep either one of the hats, kicks, or snares mostly the same to keep the beat then the other two get special treatment. some things i like to do making hiphop:

  • very slight pitch increase or decrease with 01xy or 02xy
  • layering, the less dominant layer gets more treatment
  • slight 09xy increase from zero
  • volume column variation
  • note cutoff variation F command in panning/volume
  • add reverb then use lfo on various reverb parameters you want to play with
  • native Delay. this is so good to use for some offbeat hiphop in general. set the delay panning to the center so it just sounds like another regular hit coming in. use an LPB that isnt 4 or use 4 if you want, you can get a lot of different groove variations with this by switching the delay number boxes on the right, getting things you couldnt without using delay columns or changing LPB etc. just switch it on and off when you want. i like this trick… makes it sound like i’m playing things manually if i do it right

Sorry, couldn’t resist… :blush: