How does Renoise handle Render

I haven’t tried this yet, but it is possible to render all tracks of a song in a separate file.
How does it handle group effects and effect sends?
For example, I have a few drum tracks in a group. On the group track i have a buss compressor.
Do the drum tracks get rendered with or without the buss compressor? (This is pretty important for me)
Even if the tracks are soloed going thru the buss compressor when rendered, the result is different as all sounds going thru the buss compressor at once.
And are the sends effect tracks bounced with al sounds going into it at once? (no issue for me)
Also i have side chain on some tracks, does this get render with the side chain as well?
I looked it up in the manual, but it doesn’t say much about it.

It renders each track into a file; it also renders each group (and sub-group) into unique files. When collecting up stems for mastering, for example, you might end up getting rid of all the individual instrument files, while keeping the group and send stems (which would represent your “final” sound).

So to answer your question about the drum buss, each individual track would be saved into a file WITHOUT the buss compression, but ALSO there would be a file for the drum group, and it WOULD reflect the buss compression.

Someone feel free to correct me if I’ve got it wrong…