How Good Would It Be....

well then- that settles it! If there is only one linear time concept (which makes the most sense), and you thought to yourself “I don’t want a million scars on my face” after you realised that it was your future self who had kicked you (he of course allready has the scar) and realised that you will just keep perpetuating this freaking scar if you keep fulfiling what is supposed to be the future, and decide not to do it when the time arrives- then the scar will simply dissapear… cause if you don’t do it, it never happened…

So it’s either a million scars or none at all. I think that’s how it would go…? :unsure:

Oh no- I can’t figure this shit out anymore :lol:

Futurama is the ish! :)

Ok. imagine you figure out it was you who kicked you (!) and decide not to travel back to prevent you from the scar.
You would not get kicked in the past, thus you would not get to the hospital where they fixed your wound, and would never meet that doctor who introduced you to this ground breaking new technology he is working on.
So you’ll actually never know about timetravel and never even think about going back to kick yourself.
BUT you already know that you were kicked. So “the kicking” already happened, what means that the future is your past, it is something you already did/will do/will have to do…um. weird (again)

It’s a big paradoxon that could destroy the whole galaxy, or just parts of it according to doc Emmett Brown. :D :) :P