How I Got Into It...


I´m not quite new to this forum, but i just now i´ve got to manage ist to create an account. For the beginning i´d like to introduce myself a little bit.

I started making music at the age of 13 in 1993 on my Amiga 1200. The first program i used was the legendary PROTRACKER. The first steps were to copy elements of music, that i listened at this time. This gave me a better understanding of how songs and song-structures (kick, snare and so on) “look like”.

Later i got into OCTAMED Soundstudio, where it was possible to use more than 4 Channels on the AMIGA. I started creating some kind of techno-music and later i got into hardcore/speedcore under the alter-ego ANC. Numerous tracks where released in the internet and on different record-labels like USN, Mascha-Records and Restroom-Records and some others.

In 2001/2002 i got my first Windows-PC, where i used FT2 for a long time. Later i´ve tried cubase and nuendo and made some track under the alter-ego DISCONTINUED.PROCESS.

As i discovered RENOISE i thought that all my dreams that i´ve always had of a tracker came true. Now that´s my standard.

I haven´t finished any track in the last year, because having a family is VERY time-capturing…but always FUN!

best regards


welcome to the community old man! :)

hey man welcome! i actually remember your name from the era i was into hardcore/terror music…
seems pretty odd to me today that i liked speedcore , but oh well i was 16 … anyway we even had both tracks on the same release … when i released some tunes for frazzbass label…
im the last one on the list :) after you…

Hi, i remember some kind of drum&bass-track on one of those compilations that was made by you. I quit producing speedcore-tracks as soon as i got aware of the fact that i started to copy myself. That was my moment to say farewell to the production of speedcore and try something new. At the present moment i´m mostly about experimenting with renoise (about 1000 never completed xrns). But time is besides creative input an important factor…



Always love hearing the different paths people take.


Welcome! Great to hear your story, too. :D I too have a family and yes it does have the tendency to cause music to be put on the back burner. I’m currently trying to finish a mainly Renoise album which has been in the works for AGES! Should be done soon and I’ll post about it.

Hello oldman, I’m older than you. I started in 1989 at the age of 15 on Soundracker 2.0 on the Amiga.