How Is The Previous Speed Feature Related To Lpb

I’m new to renoise but theres talk of a Speed feature and some of the XRNS files i’ve downloaded from here to try to understand renoise more, have speed where the LPB should be
so is there a relation between them?? E.G

6 LPB= 6 speed?

or is there a way to use the Speed function in renoise 2.1??

please help any answers are welcome
I love re:noise i haven’t touched another program since i got the demo!!!

thanks in advance!!!

Welcome to the Renoise love in, we’re all Renoise fans too. :wub:

Speed is dead.

If you don’t know what speed is then don’t learn it. It will only confuse you at this point in your kung-fu like training.

You can upgrade old songs to the more coherent LBP mode.

In the bottom right of Renoise 2.1, click [Song Settings] -> [Upgrade to latest version]

aha thank you oh wise one (crosses legs and hums)

i will do that from now on
i just wondered

why in a song they use speed 12 and 3 and 6 etc

how is Speed, say 6 replicated within the Godly form that is RENOISE 2.1!!!

=) =)

thank you now my quest for knowledge can rest

(men in black red light flashy thing) i saw nothing =|
but thanks for the help :)

If you want to use ReWire with correct BPM values, you even must upgrade old songs to avoid confusions.