How Is This Sound Created?

was wondering how this “screeching” synth-line is created?

it starts around 1,30 in this video

I don’t have the synth anymore because I’m on a mac, but I remember that on the pentagon there are a lot of these sounds in the presets.

I think you can make it in a lot of vsti’s by selecting “square” in the oscilator section and add a lot of sustain and reverb. and make it glide from note to note.

Good luck!

thanks charlie,off to experiment

That’s just a basic waveform, either a sin, triangle or square wave (can’t tell with the distortion) that’s played with portamento.

…I just told you… it’s a square ;)

yeah…square, thx :)

thanks guys,off to the lab

EDIT:in the morning,gonna sip some beer first