How Long Would You Need To Track In A Compo?

Hello everyone,
With the end of Beat Battle IV coming up soon I was wondering: how much time is ideal to track in a compo? Beat Battle IV had roughly 22 days if I figured correctly and many people came up with very high quality results. How much time do you prefer?

Sonicade :walkman:

music needs time … days, month, years … totally different from song to song, from musician to musician … some people make the best songs under pressure some not …

I rarely join competitions; I’ve took part to several demoparties music competitions, but this is quite different because most of times I’ve worked at the songs since a lot of time before, and sometimes with no initial intention to release that song at a demoparty.

I edit songs quite rapidly, but my lack of any music theory knowledge does not allow me to compete

I agree with the other two, it depends on the song, but for a compo 2 weeks should be enough. It’s nice, if one gets a high quality track finished for a compo, but others may struggle too with the time limit, so the results should be pretty balanced except for some high speed trackers maybe.

Hmm interesting. Well, this is regarding a compo type situation like Beat Battle. Sometimes a competition amoung other trackers and a time limit can inspire creativity. What the poll proposes is how much time is comfortable or enough for a good compo.

Alright 2 weeks. Good point about highspeed trackers. There are slow and high speed trackers and tracking speed doesn’t necessarily equal better quality one way or the other.

3 days tracking, 3 months patching (two years mixing :D)
Though i would probably never master mixing…

Haha :lol: 3 days ok, but the patching and mixing time might keep some people waiting longer than they would like.

Looking at the big picture, and from experience running GroovyCompo, I don’t believe the overall quality of a competition would change that much regardless of time. People just like to have room to move timewise.

It doesn’t take very long to think of an idea, and most of the time it’s the idea rather than the execution of that idea that wins. (both elements are mutually exclusive, but the idea matters more)

Attention to detail is important, but not that important in the context of a ‘RNS-only’ competition where production values aren’t going to be evaluated so harshy. Spend the week getting the idea out. If it’s good, it’ll win. Pride is a curse.