How Many EMU Users?

I saw many Renoisers are EMU users.
They unite under the common sign of “T3H uNST4BL3 DR!V0rz”
I think we better know each other, maybe our small Renoise-Oriented task force could have some more “dealing strenght” and even ask to EMU for small changes here and there… like the chance to load those yummy efx in Renoise… :rolleyes:
or maybe a driver that doesn’t crash every couple of minutes <_<

at the moment I can’t recommend E-MU software (hardware is great for this low price!) … after only 3 driver updates in more than one year the asio-drivers are not stable.
I’m waiting for the next update (in June or later) - if this update brings no healing I will sell my 1212m

problems related to my 1212m:

total ASIO drivers f****-up when an ASIO application is terminated abnormaly. reboot is required in order to get ASIO to work again, which is something i can’t tolerate - meanwhile using directsound (->OMG<-).

“EMU-PowerFX” VST plugin is incredibly buggy. simply no way to get it to work reasonably. this “feature” is absolutely non-functional.

these two problems are the only ones i experience(d). but it’s enough to make one think about selling this product… i guess i’ll deal with it just the same way alexander does…

uhm…that was me, the above post…

and so i vote ‘I have an EMU but can’t use it properly!’


i have a 0404. and i was totally disappointed as i bought it.
the fact that the powerfx vst’s don’t work with 96 khz, forced me to use 48 khz.
but everytime after a fresh boot, the driver has to be resetted, because 48 doesn’t seem to be the default rate, so no sound comes out the card before i open the patchmixer and change the sample rate to 44.1 then back to 48 khz.
well. last month i bought a new echo mia, and the card is really great. (balanced ins&outs, more applications can access different asio channels at the same time…)
good thing is: you can use the emu powerfx in renoise, if you use the asio drivers of the second card, and only leave the 0404 for the power fx. ;)
still a lot of latency though, but no crackles and stuff. so it’s still good for final mixing a song (with the extra emu delay plugin for tracks with no powerfx), but for realtime playing… :blink: <_<

emu0404. i think this is a good card to start off with tracking. cheap, works decent if you aren’t pushing the limits or have very specialised applications.

i’m not too sure about other cards, but in general, i think pro sound cards are very fussy with drivers and hardware configuration. it took me a few days to set up my computer for the card and drivers…

unbalanced i/o? not a problem (yet), i don’t do analog in’s and my monitors don’t support balanced input :)

no hardware fx with 96khz? no problem, i just use that to listen to music. there’s 192khz too! and at 96khz upwards, tracking anything with VSTIs is going to hurt.

powerfx does not work with renoise, no matter how hard i tried. but it does with in cubase and fruity…

eliminating irq sharing, etc was quite a nightmare… but still, i’d say you get what you pay for.

Well, I have a EMU E5000 Ultra expanded with 8 extra analog outputs, harddrive, CDRW-drive and some extra memory. Did cost a fortune indeed but it is stable as a rock :) But I do not use it anymore cause I can do everything with my computer nowadays, so if anyone wants to buy it then give me a call ;)

that’s how it is… ;)