How many of you produce Industrial/EBM?

It seems to me that almost all of the artists listed on the Renoise artists page produce industrial or EBM, Which i think it totally awesome because thats the type
of music i grew up on and the type i am to produce. i especially LOVE that ceVin Key uses Renoise, he and Skinny Puppy are one of my favorite bands if not my
fav. of all times (same with VaC too!). however i failed to see an artist on the page that i know for certain uses (or atleast has used) Renoise on albums… Depeche Mode. i am SO VERY
excited that i have found Renoise… since i have been using it i have been giddy as a school girl, so sorry if i come off like a spaz lol, its just im excited, damn it!

I don’t produce it but I like some music in that same vein. Decoded Feedback is probably my favorite in that set of sub genres.