How Many Sub-channels Per Track In V1.5?

I was really hoping that v1.5 will have more than ten sub-channels available in each main track channel. When making big chords, with lots of fading and so on, it becomes limiting to have only ten sub-channels, especially if you want to apply the same filters to all your chords and keep them all on one track. Any word on this? I was hoping it might be expanded in the future to 12 or 16 … :unsure:

What would you be doing to use more than 10? :blink:
Even with my strings I only use 6 (at the moment)…

1.5 has 12.

Well, you could use send tracks for filtering and split the chords to two tracks - I guess 20 columns would be enough. As far as I can imagine, the only reason for keeping the chords in one track is to be able to mute them with one click on a scope during a live performance. I think that muting two instead of one would not a big problem. Moreover, I think version 1.5 will have keyboard shortcuts for muting tracks.

It has :) You can set hotkey to mute each track from 0 to 31

And if you are using VST’s for chords in 1.5 you can sample the chord to a sample slot (yes!) and use that and apply NNA’s for fades so you only need like 1 column for playing and 4 for working out the chord samples.

hehe :lol: There’s a lot of quoting other people nowaways… :)