how modify the red lines of start and end of sample without mouse :D..


How move the red line in sample tab with automation ?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

You mean changing the offset? the Sxx command moves the offset position to specific locations, otherwise you can use the slicer and simply strike each slice under its linked note on the keyboard.

Hey vV .

Big thanks for your answer , but imagine :

so, in the sample tab we have the options to play : off , forward , backward and pingpong … so we selecting for exemple "forward " option … ok .

so now my sample playing in “forward” mode , Great so in loop :wink:

now i playing the sample and in the same time, with my mouse , i selecting the red line (orange exactly) with the “e” like “end” for the end of sample. and i moving that for by exemple to do a roll of kick with acceleration to move the “end” line of right to left …

and i want to record my movements of this "end’ line .

I think is not possible … but i think i will like that … :slight_smile:

But Thank you very much , for your help. simply : how change the offset of the “end” Line :slight_smile: