How Often Do You Take A Shower/bath?

well… ???

Once a day, maybe miss an occational day now and then… But what I really miss is a bath tub. Had one in my l last apartment but traded it for the smallest shower in the universe. :)

i usually take shower before i go to sleep and of course after workout in the morning, so basically twice a day most of the times. But right now we have 30 degrees out there so in that condition i have already taken 2 showers today and going to take one or two more :)

I dont like bath, but i like sauna. I go to sauna once a week or sometimes twice a week…

it depends on the season.
During hot seasons, I have showers 2-3 times a week.
During cold seasons, I rarely have showers :dribble:

It also depends on wheter I’m practising any sport; I always have showers after praticsing.

Yup, sauna is really good! Very relaxing, almost meditative. I take a sauna everytime I go to the gym, a few times a week. Even now when it’s 25-30 degrees outside.

i’m with it-alien … bout once every 3 weeks here :)

First thing in the morning every day.

I can’t go more than 3 or 4 days without feeling totally saturated by filth. Not just my own sweat and stink, but all the shit from the world outside - other people’s cigarette smoke, smoke and fumes from cars, dust and crap that gets picked up by the wind, etc.

Not taking a shower or bath for 3 weeks is pretty astounding if you ask me. Don’t you start to stink or feel pretty dirty after all that time? If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, don’t they make any comments about it?

girlfriend or boyfreind!?!?!??! whatchu talking about!!
who needs em?
besides being driven around (so i can play with laptop or pda a bit longer)
an f**** off aroudn the house naked (just for the sake of bein naked)

i take shower sometimes but i dont like the feeling of my skin without its natural oils! (grease)

having dreadlocks does play a factor in my bathing tho, mainly because i try to only wet them with salt water.

when in the future they have sonic showers, i’ll install it right above where i work.

this reminds me, there should be much more waterproof stuff!

i usually start to feel dirty at about 3 weeks, that’s why i take a shower :) my gf does the same thing though, we feel like taking a shower is a waste of time :)

Cool, as long as it’s mutual… rock on with your bad selves! :D

Everybody has different needs I guess. You must save a nice chunk of cash on your water bill, too.


I ain’t dating/seeing anyone either. Girls are just trouble and they cloud the mind, and I’ve got too much shit to do in my life right now to be distracted by punani.

However, all the girls I’ve been with in the past, I sure as hell know they wouldn’t let me anywhere near them with a 3-week old stank! :lol:

i dunno… i cant last even couple of days without a shower :) in winter when its cold then maybe, but definately not in summer

i think Aldous Huxley was right when he said, An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.

tho i kinda fear being known as an ‘Intellectual’! :D

lots of up sides, but my favorite is not having to take a shower@!

Usually do it every 2 days, but sometimes I forget. And when I forget, I don’t remember until someone reminds me. ;)

It’s actually harmful to the skin and the hair to bathe too often ---- twice a day would be WAY too often for most people ---- but if you’re into working out daily, it would be understandable. I personally try to shower every 2 days (I feel more than that would be too much for me)… but I always fail miserably at it… it always ends up being every 3 or 4 days. Good thing I don’t have bad B.O. :rolleyes:

knocks on wood

yes, its bad for the skin if you bath too often with soap and/or too hot water… but just plain refreshing shower doesnt harm your skin, at least my skin is OK :) although i take showers mostly twice a day…

and btw guys, what about sex? i hope shower is involved somewhere there? :)

yeh, sex in the shower is good

hah! once i was in the local hippy shop, an this girl came in,
haha. this girl had Strong body odor, type of shit you could use to take down democracies with, it was like a electromagnetic field permeating body odor.

as strong as it was i only came within 30 feet of her, serious.

Almost exact the same situation here. :)

Every other day here. Don’t feel I need much more than that unless I ride my bike to and fro work, then it’s every day. Don’t like walking around wet in my own sweat. :)

Usually once a day, at night before going to bed. Definitely after doing anything that involves perspiration. If I haven’t done anything to feel dirty though I can go a few days without one. It’s rare that I’ve ever taken two in one day, only if I have to for some unexpected reason. I particularly enjoy a nice hot shower though so I don’t mind taking one once a day. :)

Hard for me to imagine going 3 weeks without a shower, but I suppose everyone has a different lifestyle. As I understand it, body odors are just your body releasing toxins so the worse those toxins are and the more clogged your ‘pipes’, the worse you’ll probably reek. People who exercise often, are healthy and eat healthy not heavily processed foods don’t tend to smell as much. People who eat poorly and never exercise are the ones who tend to build up the odors. ;)