How On Earth Do They Create This Sound?

At 1:52 … how the hell do they make that sound?


If it’s the quick sound with the gate on it at about 1:50:5 to 1:52, It sounds like a sample being pitch bent, with a filter sweep, either preprocessed before the bend or probably after I would think.


Oh yeah, Spor :D Check out Feed Me for his electro project!

Anyway, like choice said, sounds like a pitchbend on a reese synth… Maybe square and saw, low-pass lfo, shift one octave, render to sample, process further. I think Spor uses Albino 3 for his bass-sounds.

edit: if you want some samples, I have some rendered reese basses, they just need the post-processing to fit your demented demand ;)


Just sample it :D

You can make your reese stutter with lfo too.

I’d rather learn how to create my own ;)

I got some answers:

Turns out it’s a 2x unison saw pushed through a lofi filter (with interpolation it seems) followed by a comb filter, then tube distortion. I’m gonna mess with this some and see what I can come up with. If I perfect it, I will definitely post the results here.