How Original Is The Mac?

Microsoft often gets accused of stealing all ideas from Apple. But how original is the current Mac really? The Macintosh went from a 68k system, to PowerPC and then they finally realized that the standard Intel based PC was a much better system, so they just scrapped their whole system and built a “standard PC”. Now they needed an OS for it. So… Did they build an OS themselves from scratch with their original ideas? No they built one on UNIX (originating from 1969). So they more or less built their own Linux PC. Wow, that’s an original idea! :wink:

Now, how about the original Mac from 1984 (or Apple Lisa from 1983), didn’t it use original ideas like a graphical user interface, a mouse, folders and icons? Well… No… Apple stole those ideas. Take a look at this screenshot from Rank Xerox’s computer from 1981:

Well… The Trashcan. That’s an original Apple invention. At least they introduced it in a computer interface… But the very idea of throwing things in a litter bin when you don’t want them anymore is hardly an Apple invention, is it!? :wink:

I’m not saying the Mac is a bad computer, just not as original as they claim to be.

I think the logo is original…I mean the original one …O wait ,that was nicked too …from apple records.

… Who nicked it from God Himself.


To quote Miles Davis:
So what?

Mac OS/X doesn’t have much to do with Linux apart from the fact both are UNIX-based. As a platform, Mac OS/X is defined mostly by Apple’s original code - Cocoa, various Core* libs, the Objective-C, which is not widely used on other platforms etc. It’s true that hardware-wise today’s Macs use more generic technologies, which is good. We don’t want strange interfaces for everything (although Apple is one of the first companies to incorporate the VESA Display-Port standard, which of course causes problems for many users).

Nevertheless, I’m not sure of the purpose of your post here. There’s already a raging Mac vs. PC discussion in another topic. Let’s not start one more.

Originality doesn’t exist. Deal with it.

What is it Shakespear said? I think it was something along the lines of only seven original ideas. Every other story is made out of a combination of these seven. Didn’t stop him from writing far more than seven plays that are still considered classic story telling now.

Some Mac guy wrote a bunch of garbage on a Vista forum. I decided to post my answer here too… Maybe that was a bad idea. Sorry…

Computer is only ones and zeros, after that it’s subject to mankind.

Better a stolen great idea than an original bad design.

You know who were also incredibly unoriginal?


Coolest & most forward thinking thing about Apple, without a doubt in my mind is The Hackintosh.
It’s the one thing that saves them from themselves.

Speaking of nazis and Macintosh:

the graphical user interface in a PC comes from Apple, which was big news and the reason why apple used to be the computer of choice for “creative types”

but then again bill gates also did some work on the apple OS in the early days.

oops, i gave kaneel’s post -1. i meant +.
totally agree with you… :P


“The first successful commercial GUI product was the Apple Macintosh, which was heavily inspired by PARC’s work”

they got it out of the research lab into our homes.


“Development of Windows had begun before the Macintosh was even demonstrated to Microsoft. Besides, Microsoft had licensed GUI elements from Xerox, including a desktop-style interface used on the Xerox 8010,the commercial version of the Alto. (Apple had also licensed the GUI from Xerox for $100 million in Apple stock.)”

Yeahh. I use a Hackintosh too. Currently I have Leopard. I dont try Snow leopard yet cause my actual system runs fine. Do you try S Leopard?

I have not, my 10.5 install is currently out of commission for the time being. I installed onto an old IDE drive about this time last year, then several months later added a terrabyte NTFS drive for my wxpsp3. Then either forgot how I had drives set in my bios or overall just forgot how I was getting into OSX without the “looking for root device” remark. I can’t remember, no tellin.

I do remember it was tricky to have both OSX and windows in a likable standing boot state. At one point I may have replaced or possibly removed the mkext for the IDE while troubleshooting. I still have the g4 ibook I migrated from so when I get back to it, I’ll either pull the drive and use the ibook’s firewire connection to bring my settings back from the ibook and then see if I can use a usb-to-IDE adapter to pull whatever files still on the IDE drive with 10.5. also using the migration assitant. Or, probably just have a look at what has been done with the mkexts since last, which I will most certainly do first.

I want to install w7 onto a CF card similar to the thread in this subforum about SSDs, and also see if I can do the same with OSX, that would be very optimal I think. :)
-mainly just want to install w7 to play a game i bought off of steam over the holidays, and get OSX back for supercollider3 when Renoise 2.6 arrives.
If I can’t put OSX onto a CF card and can’t salvage the install on the IDE, this time I will put OSX on a sata drive.

I haven’t been following Apple too much for a while, I honestly had to google snow leopard to see what version OSX is up to now.
Having just viewed the HCL, I probably won’t be installing snow leopard any time soon due to sound card support.

Yeah but isn’t it true the Amiga was the first to have colour output on its screens/GUI? If it wasn’t for that machine we would still all be working monochrome.

Well maybe not but again, while not the first computer it was the first with some remarkable stuff.

Which had integrated MIDI first? Mac or Atari?