How scary does the song seem to be?

Hello everybody, I am beginner on Renoise and I would like to know your opinions of my “Dark Ambient Psytrance” song :)/> If you have something you don’t like about the song, just tell me so that I can improve my performance at making music, if you have any tips and recommendations for me, just let me know, thanx and let me know if the song gives you the creeps :)/>

I would add some more reverb/delay/pitch bend/retrigger to the “helps” (especially at minute 4) to and really push it into noise. I am not sure the “What the fuck” works for me, maybe try screaming it.

Maybe add some EQ boost to the low end and a maximizer to the bass around 5:50.

It is on the way to scary.

Thanx for your opinion, yes you are completely right, I am not screaming enough and the bass is missing sometimes
I uploaded adjusted version, I added some scary noise and adjusted vocals, does it sound better now? :)