How These Songs Are Called?

Hi all

I have two cd-r wich with time got very degraded so i had to rip the songs to preserve them.

The question is that i don´t know the name of some of these tracks even i listened to them for years :unsure:

All are from the 90s. I dubbed some loops to see if somebody can help me to determine the autor/songname

So here are the links, in OGG Vorbis 376 Kb 291 Kb 230 Kb 279 Kb 383 Kb

I think i dubbed the most significative for easier recognition

/me slaps himself around a bit with a large trout for not writing names in cds

Thanks :walkman:

  • Klez

Had a go with all of them but couldn’t recognize any of them. Sorry.

Are they separate tracks or does all tracks come from a mix-cd? If so, you could probably find out what record it originates from by looking around on

nah, all are independant tracks. I have no other tips to give…

BTW: i think the 4th will be the easiest to recognize… it sounded a lot in radios years ago.

In next months i plan a new clean-up of my room and i´ll open a similar thread :lol:

C´mon dudes, listen and try to gess the names :walkman:

1: push - universal nation
4: natural born grooves - groovebird

roppenzo got 1 + 4 absolutely right.
track 2 is “emanuel top - turkish bazar” (must be some remix though)
i loved those three tracks back then and still do. (must’ve been around 1995 (+/- 1 year).

never heard the other two tunes before.


Thanks! :walkman: :walkman: :walkman:

EDIT: Somebody told that the name of 5th song is “PG2 - Hey hey”
Only one to go!

  • Klez