How To 09Xx In 2.8?


2.8 beta seems very nice. Altough, i’m very, very used to slice samples with 09XX command, but now there is no place to put those triggers anymore? I see only new sample/global commands in two-digit space…


Sxx where xx is the sample offset between 00 & FF

very much obliged.

why would you mess with the sample commands?

09xx for slice, 0Exy for retrigger, easy. arp, slide up and slide down were just where you would expect them to be (compared to other trackers). don’t get me wrong, i’m not fighting the new system and i understand that you want to show off the new letters but i think it was unnecessary.

I think the main reason was: (quoted from the feature list)
“Up to 34 DSP devices can be addressed via pattern commands 1xyy-Yxyy”
The logical mnemonics bit on the feature list - meh. -_- Okay by me. I’m so new to this tracker anyway. The MPT commands I used before renoise were again different, I think?

EDIT: Wait. Now that I look at the pattern commands… Does that feature even have anything to do with that? Got to check this out for myself…

EDIT2: OK. I think I get it now…? What they did there was just to update the whole pattern command system into 0-9,A-Z range from the 0-F (hexadecimal). Then they saw the window of opportunity for booting things up anew. Hmm. Not sure about whether it’s reasonable, but for me it does not matter either way… Still going for the reference on anything that’s not “09”. Or “0S”. :)

The logical lettering is certainly useful for me. I could never remember which 01/02xx command was Slide Pitch Up and which was Slide Pitch Down. 0Dxx and 0Uxx - no problem.

nope, sample commands are 0xyy and have nothing to do with the feature. i don’t have anything against the new letters!

i see your point and i agree.

i guess for me it’s also about recognizability. if i look at the tracks i want to know right away what the music is doing. if you’re used to reading 01xx and 02xx you glance over it and you (usually) know right away what will happen. but maybe that’s just me.