How to add a background image to renoise?

I am wondering if there is a way to add a background picture to the Renoise daw as seen in this video:

It is not exactly necessary, but I think it would improve my workflow a bit and get me more excited to make things. Is there a way to add animations to it as well such as gifs? I’ve been searching for the past hour and I havent seen anyone else do this besides in this video.

I really want a cool skin for this daw but changing the colors is just too boring for me. I want an image ahah. Please help if you can thank you!

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Sorry i’m making a second post to this: I want to know how to have full control over this software so i can make certain things transparent and put images under it etc… anyone know how?

I think the video uses overlay techniques to display moving images over the Renoise window.

You can, however, make you own “Renoise skin” with some graphics.

\Renoise 3.2.0\Resources\Skin\Textures
.\ add your skin own directory here

containing the same set of images as the other graphic skins.

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I thought a lot of the effects were stream overlays too, but if you look at the pattern sequencer the flashy animation is behind the patterns.

Thank you so much i’ll try making a custom skin with backgrounds but I have no idea how ill figure it out!