How To "add A Sample" From Diskbrowser To Full Instrument Keym

hi. is there something in 2.8 that makes it possible for one to, natively, do this:

  1. have one instrument with full octave keyzone.with one sample.

  2. press “load sample” in Disk Browser

  3. the sample is loaded as the second sample of this one instrument

  • this new, loaded-in, sample has the same full octave keyzone as the first sample of the instrument.

i guess what im asking is can 2.8 now provide me with the possibility of multilayering multiple samples into the same instrument, and load & audition them during pattern playback? cos that would be awesome :w00t:

Couldn’t it always have been done?

Using the Sample Buffer Observable you’ve used to check for a loading sample in your other little scripts. Tying it in with Desk Op More mode and maybe Instrument Settings Visible too (or maybe Keyzones in centre pane rather than Disk Op in More mode) to reduce how often it operates.

Coupled with the Copy Keyzones function rns.selected_instrument:insert_sample_mapping(1, x) where x is the sample slot within the instrument you have just loaded a new sample will get you close.

Although this always puts in a new Keyzone, and if you reload samples over the same slot you will end up in multiple Keyzones for a single sample. Therefore you need to do: for i=1,[1] do ; rns.selected_instrument:delete_sample_mapping_at(1, ([1]+1-i)) ; end which will remove all existing Keyzones except the first slot, then afterwards run a for loop to amount of present samples for the insert_sample_mapping command above.

A Global keyboard shortcut to set currently selected sample to full keyzone range may cause less headaches in the long run…

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