How To Add A Scrollbar?


I’m dynamically adding gui elements in a script
and they usually exceed the vertical display size quiet a bit,
so i’ld need some sort of scrollbar!
I guess one could somehow do it with standard slider, but i don’t really know how atm.
So maybe someone could provide a template or maybe a new gui element could be added?

No scrollbars in there.

But if you have that many controls, a scrollbar will only hide the real problem and you should toggle the visibility of some views or groups instead?

ow :(

(that explains why i couldn’t find that in the API when looking to add one to the IRC script.)

hm, looks like i’ll have to split them to different gui elements then …
this is what it is about btw:
… i’ld definitly enjoy a scrollbar gui element implemented, but i guess i won’t die without one xD

Only the multiline text GUI elements add a scrollbar automatically (and the custom_prompt) if lines exceed the screen-size.

oohhhh … nice!!

wouldn’t it be better though if you could set the amount of sliders, and it repeats those over the pattern/selection/song?

though I have no idea how to do that, just saying… that way cou can use it to humanize stuff by setting the number of sliders to the number of rows in a pattern, but also to create grooves that are just 8 or 16 lines long and loop.

i think i’m going to do it pretty much as you said, but i’m not good at coding so it will take a while (in case i ever finish it ~). :yeah:

originally i planned to do 2 seperate scripts, a simple one (like i already have + scrollbar) that is more used to edit & correct stuff, and one for groove creation … time will tell ;)

yeah, actually after posting that I thought both would be nice: something to create and then apply looped grooves (that’s what I’m mostly thinking about, anyway), and a box which shows the delay/vol/pan values for the currently selected note column, with as many sliders as that pattern has rows, and automatically updating.

(ok, solved it this way … some stuff to add and fix before i’ll upload tho)

that is so sexy!

I wonder if it would be feasible to give scripts envelopes as GUI elements? that would be insanely cool.

A problem with displaying All Chords (from the Options button) in the ChordGun update.

How to make a vertical scrollbar?

**update: I have fixed the item by displaying a “scroll” valuebox to offset the first items displayed.