How to arrange club track?

i think it should sound interesting :ph34r:

here’s how you make trance:

  1. put a bassdrum on row 0-8-16-24-32 etc
  2. put high-hats in between (really loud nasty hi-hats ofcourse)
  3. insert minor chord progressions (but dont make them interesting)
  4. insert bleepy sounds on top.

done. now go release on trance-in-space.


ok, done!

have anybody some pills? :yeah: ;) :lol: B)

compress, compress, compress and then compress. done. you’ve made a perfect club track :)

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Here is ONE of the commercial release arrangements for dance music. There are a million variations, and this is only one of them. This is the arrangement for a full extended 12" mix for mainroom club trance stuff.

** This particular arrangement is wildly overused, but it works if this is the kind of music you’re aiming for. My only request is that you let me listen to what you’ve written. Email me when you finish a song! **

I’ll make this easy for you :)

  1. Set the BPM at something (135-140 bpm)
  2. Put the speed to 3.
  3. Set the pattern length to 80.

This will give you room in Renoise to arrange 1/32’nd notes (like snare rolls). It will also give you 80 lines a pattern or the same as 16 beats per pattern. Personally I like it this way, but if you want to stick to the default 40 lines per pattern, just double my numbers.

of patterns – what you should do with the song

8 – intro (1 min of beats for mixing. Introduce the main rhythm of the song)

12 – build to first breakdown (song rhythms, layer stuff to introduce the main theme)

10 – first breakdown (kill the beats and introduce main theme)

8 – build to bridge (put the beats back in and punch in the main theme)

8 – bridge building to second breakdown (build a variation on main theme)

8 – second breakdown (kill beats, reintroduce main theme)

8 – build to end of song (same as building to the bridge, do the main theme again with beats)

8 – outtro (pull out the main theme, and slowly pull out the rhythm as you get closer to the end of the 8th pattern. This amounts to 1 min of beats for mixing out)

To listen to an example listen to my “Third Reality” in the songs section of the Renoise Website. Or if you’re lazy:


Thanx Chris!
this is something what I have looking for

Glad that helped! It’s taken me a few years to figure out why my tracks never “flowed” right. It was the arrangement.

I have never found how to write club tracks written anywhere. I ended up resorting to writing it down myself. What I can suggest, is that if you own turntables and some records, go thru your favorate tracks and tear it apart beat-for-beat.

Listen to when stuff comes in, how stuff goes out, how many bars something lasts, what the variations on themes are.

The more “pop” it is, the easier it gets to tear apart. Like “9AM till I come” or something would be really easy to learn from. Complex would be stuff by BT.

It takes a long time, but once it’s written down, when you write your own tracks, it makes arrangement easier. Sketch out the song. My 00 pattern is usually the main part of the song. It usually sounds right after I add a few effects to liven up stuff.

Then I pull everything apart and arrange the track by just copying patterns everywhere. Once it’s arranged from beginning to end, I’ll go back and add all the buildups, add sounds and maybe add some more effects here and there like filters.

All done? Put a compressor on the master channel, and compress it a little. Squish those dynamics so it sounds good in a car :) Now play it on every goddamn speaker system that you can get your hands on. Tweek, lather and repeat until you’re happy.

Burn to CD and move on to the next song. :D

Don’t forget! Email me when you finish something!

Very good and informative advice Chris :)