How To- Audio Track!?

i’ve seen in this forum lots of topics about audio tracks and guys using other recording software on renoise, and then the track on the screenshots looks like audio but vertical, and i even read a guy sayin’ he uses audacity.

how can i make this audio track, since i’ve been using renoise for live jammin’ with my bass and sometimes i find it quite hard to make loops, so i was wondering, how can i insert and audio track.

and how can i do it with auda city or other recording software.

These audio tracks don’t exist yet… the screenshots you saw were probably made in Photoshop to illustrate the suggestion of the feature.

Maybe if you go into more detail someone can give you some tips anyway? What exactly are you having problems with?

Oh really? dammit,
well, actually, just when i put the line in device
do i really need to go to the sample editor and press record sample and then return to the pattern editor and add a note with the recorded sample?
i’ mean i just bought renoise (this summer actually) and got the chance to upload a song in the indamixx contest, and mine had vocals and when i record the vocals, i did it that way and started edting, but i was wondering, if in a live set could be more easy like a looper or something.

and i love renoise so i really’d like to know how.

Yeah. I don’t think there is an alternative yet. But who knows what the future brings ^_^

thank you then, i can’t wait for the final release of the 2.5!

:panic: :yeah:

Since 2.1, you’ve been able to use Renoise alongside another DAW synced with ReWire - it was part of the reasoning behind having that feature in the first place.