How To Automate Track Mutes Without Losing The Signal?

Hi there, I’ve got a pad track running which is being compressed by a kicktrack. I want the kicktrack to be muted for a few patterns without losing the signal for the compressor.
Right click > mute, on a track will kill the signal and the mute button can’t be automated for as far as I know. Is this even possible?

Automate a Gainer in the signal path at the point you want it silenced (after compressor/signal follower?)


You could also trigger the compressor from a phantom track, totally muted after the signal-follower (or what ever you use for trigger) and running a separate kick track for your audio signal.

Enables you to play your kickdrum independent from the trigger and to trigger independent from the kick, while you don’t have to care about any automation at the same time.

^ yes, that is very useful thing indeed. i often do it that way precisely for the reason stated, that it gives you more freedom to work in your kick-track instead of it constantly influencing the other track.