How To Automate Vst Alias (In Virus Ti)?


I need to have multiple aliases of the same vst instance (Virus TI vst controller). I can setup multiple channels with different programs and it works very well otherwise, but automation goes always to the main instance.

For example, if I have Virus TI as plugin 1 and “VST alias: Virus TI (instr 01)” as plugin 2 and I do an automation envelope for plugin 2, the automation impacts only plugin 1, not plugin 2. I haven’t found a way to automate a single alias.

It works a bit differently in another VST I tried. There the alias seems to be simply a reference to the main instance, e.g. all changes in parameters impact all the aliases.

So is there some way to get different automations to different virus ti aliases or a way to get multiple VST instances from one Virus.

make sure to set midi channels to their appropriate nr .

make sure to set midi channels to their appropriate nr .

Thanks for the reply. Actually I just somehow missed that there are multiple sliders for the same parameter, each for the different channel. I was blind to that because I maybe expected that the automation device shows only the parameters related to the selected plugin (alias). Instead it shows the parameters of all the aliases and shows the channel id in the parameter name.

But great that I know now how to use it:)